Monday, 12 January 2009

So far, so good

Well, it's Monday, and I'm here as I planned.

Now - what to say??

Actually, it's easy to know what to say. I am feeling so much happier and more connected for having made a point of putting aside a little time each day for silence. I've never been one for surrounding myself with extraneous noise anyway, but a little intentional silence, where I try to connect with God, has been a positive and happy part of each day so far.

In the past when I have had quiet times (I'm not keen on calling them that - it's too close to Quiet Time, which has too many bad associations for me from my times with charismatic groups), I've used a Bible verse or a section of Advices and Queries to concentrate on while I settle in to it. At present I have gone back to reading my Twelve Quakers and... booklets, which I was given when I became a Member. They are ideal for this, as each section is fairly short, and is always thought-provoking. (If you follow the link - there are two on the following page as well.)

What do you do to settle into silence?


Jan Lyn said...

Glad to hear it is working for you. As far as settling down for me, it varies. At home I some times use a verse or lately a bit of reading a portion of my 2 Q Whitmere books or prayer first. At physical Meeting I almost always have to pray prior to centering in on silence. Either way, I usually do some breathing exercizes, which are part of my stress relief deal......oh, and if at home, I barricade my bedroom door! :)

Good for you...keep it up!

RichardM said...

Keep up the good work.

Settling into the silence for me usually involves taking whatever is bothering or agitating me (it can be either something bad or something excitingly good) and turning it over in my mind and then giving it over to God. Trying to repress the thought doesn't work well for me. Handing it over to God does.

Reading something spiritual helps to. I don't do that as often but I find it natural to go from the author's reflections on some spiritual matter to my own and then into just waiting for answers.

Heather said...

Thanks, Jan Lyn and Richard.

Yes, I too find settling in via a text works well. As for those pesky intruding thoughts - well, I leave those bobbing on the surface of the ocean, and drop down beneath the waves, hearing only my own breathing... it's fanciful, but it works!