Monday, 26 January 2009

A little glimpse of Heaven

I was having trouble today settling into silence. I was uncomfortable in my chair, I have a chesty cough at present which kept interrupting me, odd thoughts kept popping up - you know how it is.

Suddenly I was aware of a chaffinch singing. The two oak trees immediately in front of my house are still leafless, so it was quite easy to spot the little bird, hopping from branch to branch. I must have watched and listened to him for ten minutes, as he made his way round both trees before finally flying off.

I sat back in my chair and took in my surroundings again. The sun had come out, low but surprisingly bright, warming the trees and the cream rendering on the house opposite. The sky was a pale but distinct blue.

And I felt utterly at peace.

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Jan Lyn said...

Sounds so serene and I enjoyed the link Heather...thanks. We have a gazebo shaped bird feeder out my window, in between the house and the barn. It is a joy to see the birds there each day and from my chair as well.

Enjoy oxo