Monday, 9 March 2009

Unexpected insight

It seems last week that there were several Quaker blogs about ministry and direction. It must be a topic many of us are musing on at the same time! It will be interesting to see what happens next.

I was looking through some old journals, to find a poem I wanted for today's post, when I came across something entirely different which just leapt out at me. It was a little insight, undated, which read

Prayer is earthenware mugs, as well as porcelain tea cups.

Underneath it was a poem, which I now share with you:

Taking Tea with God

little finger crooked
I offer
tiny porcelain cups
and sandwiches so thin
that You could read Your book through them

You reply with exuberant doorstops
glistening with honey
fat stoneware mugs
filled up and overflowing

I hope everyone has a good week :)


RichardM said...

I've never been much for porcelain teacups or tiny sandwiches. As I look at our garden this week and see the Spring flowers popping up wherever they please rather than where I tried to tell them to grow I rather like it this way.

Very busy week for me. I have a meeting with the Provost and her staff to show her the work I've done on the Critical Thinking project (you remember: "all yarns are knittable.") I'm hoping she'll approve going forward with the project despite the general reduction in the University budget we are facing over the next two years. I'm spending every minute I can tidying things up. It rather looks like my garden. Lots of very nice things but a bit untamed.

Wish me luck I've put a ton of work into this.

Jan Lyn said...

Heather, I really love this and appreciate you sharing some of your insights from here over at QFF. I think it is mighty good distraction for all of us to feast on worshipful insights and truths there, as you share, and fast on the drip of negativity a while! Shhhh.......just my thoughts and I hope I am not sounding like I'm blowing a horn of judgement, but speaking plainly!

Mary Sharpe said...

It's one of things I like immediately, then I'm not sure I understand it . . . then potter around thinking about it . . .

Mary Sharpe

Mary Anne said...

I love this poem. To me, it says that God gives us love and acceptance in abundance and never stops giving, no matter how little we share of ourselves or how much we hold back. It's beautiful.