Monday, 9 February 2009

Fluffy Brain Days

Blogging on a set day seems like such a good idea, until I get to a day when my brain is full of fluff and I am devoid of inspiring content!

I had a rough week last week, culminating in a bad bout of insomnia on Saturday night/Sunday morning (I finally fell asleep a little short of 6am). I feel distinctly uninspired, although I know that's just the effect of the illness.

So, a little something from my Commonplace Book to ponder on. I have kept a Commonplace Book for years now, noting down any quotations that speak to me, amuse me or are just plain beautifully written.

I went to my oldest Commonplace Book for today's entry, and got sidetracked by a number of old friends which I had forgotten. The one which I would like to share with you is from Gerard W Hughes' brilliant book, God of Suprises, and it's one I find very heartening on days like today:

When we pray, we may become more aware of our inner chaos.

This is a grace, a gift of insight, not a sign of failure.

Have a peaceful week, everyone.


Jan Lyn said...

Very nice quote Heather! I had wondered what you first meant by saying you kept a "CommonPlace" book. Takes me a quote book? I enjoy doing that as well and began in earnest with my own children and funny or even wise things they would say and now collect all sorts of quotes from various sources I bump into. ;) I reread it on a down day. Hope you get some better sleep this week!

RichardM said...


That was a very nice quote. It reminds me of people getting critical of themselves because they find they can't center down at meeting for worship. We just need to do the best with what we are and sometimes that's going to be a person with a fluffy brain.

RichardM said...


It's Tuesday and no post. Are you OK?