Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Rejoice with me, Friends and readers - my application for membership was considered at last weekend's Area Meeting, and I am now a member instead of an attender! :D

The main thing that was stopping me from applying is that, being more or less bedridden, I couldn't fulfil the recommendation that I attend other Meetings to see how other places did things. However, the two Friends allocated to visit me, to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into (!), pointed out that reading a range of blogs, and investigating online worship, gives me as much of an idea of the spectrum of Friends as I would get from physically visiting other Meetings - and probably more!

I certainly feel I have gained a little knowledge of how things stand internationally, which I don't think I would have got outside of the online community. This is the positive side of the cyber revolution, and one I wish got more coverage. It's time the media realised that not all websites are porn sites :)

As I already have a copy of Quaker Faith and Practice, the elder asked me to think about another book I could be given from the Meeting. After discussion, we agreed that I will be getting the set of seven '12 Quakers and...' booklets, bound into one volume by a bookbinder Friend. Each contains twelve Quakers' writings on a different testimony. I am really looking forward to reading them!


Serena said...

Ooh, congratulations!! I am glad you've joined us :) It's a nice idea to find you an alternative to QF&P, given that you'd already got a copy (I just have two copies).

Jo Smith said...

Welcome to Northumbria AM!
Jo Smith, Durham LM

FWCC World Office said...

Congratulations and welcome!

Mary Anne said...

Good for you, Heather. It shouldn't be an issue, you being housebound and mostly bedridden. I am glad to hear this.

Ashley W said...

Congratulations, Heather!